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Hypnotherapy Testimonials for Health-Wise

Read what hypnotherapy clients have thought about working with Renee:

​“This is one amazing lady. She is a top rate therapist, warm, caring and very intelligent.” Nikki W

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"I travelled 60 miles for the best therapy session I have ever had. Never before had a therapist taken the time to find out the reason and cause of pain. Renee then tailor made therapy for me. PLUS after 10 minutes she spotted what pain doctors/specialists had never found. I have Scoliosis which makes my left leg 2cm shorter than my right. Since being back to the doctor, I have seen Orthotics specialists and have insole which greatly minimises my pain. BRILLIANT.” Robert C.
​“I have been with Renee for several years. A true professional she puts you at ease from the very first appointment. She listens to your story and your reasons for seeking her help and tailors your treatments to what you need most. A beautiful person whose aim is to support and help her clients address the stresses and strains of life and come through stronger for the experience. My advice; don't hesitate make an appointment today!” Isabel O

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​“Holistic therapy given in a professional but friendly manner. In addition to delivering a variety of therapies Renee McBride gives non-judgemental lifestyle advice in a homely non-threatening environment.” Thom N.

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​“Before I met this wonderful lady, I was struggling, even just putting the bin out and I started to panic. I had just come out of an abusive relationship and had no confidence. I was scared and didn't know what to do. The GP prescribed medication, which just made me sleepy, didn't really help me get out and about.

Then I met Renee! During my first session, she really took her time getting to know me and how I think. She tailored my first session of hypnotherapy to suit me. Within days of having this session, I was out, oh my days, it was a Saturday afternoon and I was in the shopping centre buying Christmas presents.... I was free!!!!

Renee has helped so much with my anxiety, my confidence, the way I see myself and thinking rationally. I continue to see Renee every couple of weeks, not only me but my son too. He had problems with bed wetting, one session with Renee and he's had a dry bed ever since. She is a very caring, kind and friendly lady, she makes me feel at ease. Not only have I found a fantastic hypnotherapist, I have also found one of the nicest, understanding people I will ever meet.

​My advice to anyone with anxiety is to give it a try, it works for me." Suzi H
"My experience of hypnotherapy for phobias with Renee McBride. I had a strange phobia of wind turbines, the type that you often see from the road when driving. I used to avoid driving along certain roads so that I didn’t have to encounter the turbines.  I almost caused a serious crash one day when a wind turbine crept up on me from nowhere. I tried to ‘jump’ out of the way and almost went headlong into oncoming traffic! Since then I couldn’t even think about turbines without having cold shivers and feeling sick. Even if I was in the car with my partner he’d know not to drive down roads with wind turbines. After this, I saw Renee to try to get some help with my phobia. She spent a lot of time sensitively asking about my fear until we finally got to the root of the problem.  I felt relaxed and at ease with Renee despite talking about the dreaded wind turbines. The hypnosis itself was a wonderful experience, during which Renee gave me many tools to use if I ever did find myself in a frightening situation again, like pressing a thumb and forefinger together which can easily be done around a steering wheel and which grounds me to a relaxed state again.  I can honestly say that after one session of hypnotherapy I can now drive along roads I never used to be able to, I even tried looking at a wind turbine last week, which sounds crazy but if you have a real phobia you will understand, and I was absolutely fine.  Still I don’t think I would like to climb up one….but I certainly am not scared of them now…and I won’t be causing any crashes. My hypnotherapy with Renee was an excellent investment and I can’t thank her enough for curing my irrational fear." Alison P