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Hypnobirthing Testimonials for Health-Wise

Read what Mind and Body Scotland clients have thought about working with Renee:

Photo of a lady in a hypnobirthing class, Health-Wise"I have to start by saying this woman has changed my life and I wish I had met her sooner. I fell pregnant in May last year.  I had been sick morning, noon, night AND throughout the night, spending a lot of my nights falling asleep, when I could, on the bathroom floor. I struggled to even sit down without feeling sick and lying down was impossible. So sleeping has been almost non-existent. At eight months the sickness got worse (I didn't think this was possible) along with PUPPS (a very itchy, painful pregnancy rash) I was shattered and was really panicking that I wouldn't be able to have the natural birth I wanted, due to being so exhausted.

Until falling pregnant, I have never been ill.....even a walk with our dog some days seemed like the end of the world. The onset of this rash meant I couldn't even get clothes on and so I spent a lot of my day in the bath.... BUT that very night when I was at my worst, I had the first of my hypnobirthing classes with less than a month till my due date!

During my first class with Renee McBride.... what can I say? The woman performed a miracle. From that night on I haven't been, or even felt, sick once. I can eat, I can sleep, I feel the best I have felt throughout my entire pregnancy (and the end is the worst everyone tells me) the rash is clearing daily and I have such a positive outlook on my labour now, so much so that I asked Renee to be my Doula attending my home birth.

I wish everyone could be a little more open minded and give these classes a go. I listen to the scripts she gave me daily for sickness, itching and labour. I feel I have learnt things I will use daily for the rest of my life. I have, and I will continue to recommend hypnobirthing with Renee. Thanks Renee, you are one in a million and I can't wait for you to be our Doula." - Zoe

James"We hired Renee as our Doula, but we also decided to prepare with hypnobirthing. I personally found this to be an invaluable tool as it gave me a real purpose on the day and a sense of involvement throughout the pregnancy. Seeing your words and touch having such a pleasant and relaxing effect on your partner is a really nice feeling; watching them have the same effect when she is in labour is empowering. I genuinely feel that the hypnobirthing gave me a focus that helped me personally get through the long period without sleep and was such a wonderful bonding experience to share with Rosemary that I thoroughly recommend it to any parents-to-be.

Renee talked early in our meetings pre-birth about this being a "healing birth" - a reference to the emotional baggage and anxiety we carried from our daughter's birth. I never really thought about that aspect until I was sat, tired but happy in the delivery room holding my son. Then I understood how positive and powerful the experience had been. I had dreaded bringing our daughter home out of fear the first time and now I couldn't wait to get this wee man home to meet his sister and enjoy our little family. Read our Doula experience with Renee too.

Photo of newborn baby​"Kieran and I want to say thank you Renee for your help during our pregnancy. After having a traumatic delivery of our first child in 2017 when I discovered I was pregnant again I was scared of the idea of giving birth again. We approached Renee for a hypnobirthing course. During the course she gave us a lot of useful information that the NHS hadn't told us during my previous pregnancy, including our rights to ask questions. Even after the course I could approach Renee with questions or concerns that I had. Listening to one of the hypnotherapy recordings everyday helped me to stay calm and relaxed throughout my pregnancy

I had a short labour (3hrs 15min) and felt very relaxed. Whereas during my last labour I was very panicked. I was able to use the breathing techniques and recording taught by Renee to deal with the powerful surges without any medication (not even a whiff of gas and air). Afterwards one of the doctors said that she couldn't believe I had delivered so quickly. She had spoken to me 45 minites prior to baby arriving and didn't think my labour was as far as it was because I was easily dealing with the surges. I would definitely recommend Renee as a hypnobirthing teacher to everyone."  Shona

"I just wanted to get in touch to say that I had used the Hypnobirthing scripts that we recorded at your classes to give birth to our beautiful baby. We were devastated to discover that our beautiful baby had died at 37 weeks +6 days.

Labour had to be induced and I think it will be no surprise that I was dreading it for so many reasons. When the induction started I was really stressed and tense but when my partner put on your recordings it was like flicking a switch. I was able to retreat into myself and connect with my beautiful baby. The midwife didn’t believe I was about to birth my baby because I “wasn’t in much pain” and I gave birth the way I wanted even if it was with the most awful of circumstances, anyway, I just wanted to say thank you and raise awareness of the use of Hypnobirthing in the most stressful of times even without time for practice." Love… M.

"Dear Renee, we wanted to thank you for the wonderful course you gave us.
It was a massive help to me both for the remainder of my pregnancy and birth. K’s birth went well and I am enjoying my maternity leave. Thanks again." A, M K & K