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Hypnotherapy for stress management

Stress Management. What is Stress?

How hypnotherapy can help

Perhaps to understand stress better and begin to live with less stress it may help to know what kind of things that may cause stress both at Home and at Work.  

large workload
new job
​being bullied
​changes to duties
​job insecurity/zero hours contracts
tight deadlines
​changes in the organisation
​conflicts with co-workers/bosses
​being passed over for promotion
​annual appraisals
lack of support
​work culture
​long hours
​lack of training
​in unsuitable job
​job too physical for age/ability

caring for a sick/elderly family member/friend.   
controlling family member/partner
new baby    
getting married
going on holiday
sibling rivalry
family feuds
financial worries
exams at school/university/work/driving test
social media i.e. Facebook etc.
moving home
over crowded/poor accommodation
location of home
domestic violence

Dealing with a few of these at the same time can become very stressful.

Call for stress management help

Stress_Not coping_Drowning

So, now that there is a sort of list of what causes stress we could look at how stress shows itself in us so that we can recognise and take action to act upon stress?

Body, mind, behaviours and habits
Over thinking, worrying about the future (what if?) / feeling disconnected
Tight chest / heart palpitations / worrying  about health
Hyperventilation / shortness of breath / loss of appetite 
Eating too much / nausea  / profuse sweating/ headaches / sore or tense muscles / stomach cramps 
All or nothing thinking / not sleeping 
Avoidance of tasks / disqualifying the positives / procrastination 
Uncontrollable worries/fears/phobias / need constant reassurance
Gambling, smoking or drinking excessively / depression 
Loss of libido or addicted to sex
Physical self-harming
Loss of confidence / low self-esteem / low tolerance of others
Argumentative / aggression
Nail biting / hair pulling
Irritable Bowel Syndrome / Tinnitus 
High Blood Pressure 
Thoughts about suicide  / ​Irrational Fears
Compromised immunity /non specific pain
Weight gain / Loss of weight 
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder  
Lack of energy  / choosing social isolation
Loss of interest in hobbies, personal care, conversation

Things you can do that may help reduce stress/anxiety

Exercise/sports swimming, running, walking, tennis etc.
Change of diet to reduce caffeine, sugar, eat better food  etc.
Adequate sleep.
Say NO, be assertive rather than aggressive
More time with friends and loved family members to encourage release of oxytocin (Family Hugs)
Relationship counselling. 
Create a Chill List i.e. things you can do in 5, 15, 30, 60 minutes that make you feel better
A holiday. 
Join a club.  Take up a hobby or return to an old hobby.
Join a yoga class. 
Watch comedy.
Take extra time over personal care and self presentation.
Make a list of people you CAN talk with about your life. Stop procrastinating.
Write down your things to be thankful for and a stress list and work on one at a time.
Listen to your favourite music.  
Learn controlled breathing that reduces blood pressure and releases oxytocin.
Develop a positive attitude. Set limits with others/boundaries.
Manage time better, keep a diary.
Make an appointment to talk with your employer.
Change your employment.
Acceptance of things outside your control.
Charity work.
Enjoy some complementary therapy such as Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, Indian Head Massage.

When self-help is not enough

Sometimes it is not enough to try on our own to work with our stress. When your anxiety levels have become a problem that is stopping you from doing the usual things in your life, or making it difficult for you to do usual things like go to work, go shopping, answer the phone, open mail that has arrived, go out in public then  help and support from Renee is on hand. She will use her skills as a Clinical Hypnotherapist to look for a solution within your lifestyle and capacity to enable change to happen. 

When stress has been building up in a person’s life over a long period of time, sometimes years, it is usual for a client to work with Renee over 3 to 6 sessions (longer time between sessions as change happens). Renee will be guided by you and how you feel, so it is hard to tell how many sessions you will require. Your feedback to Renee at the beginning of every session is important so that together improvement can be monitored and measured and therapy can be flexible to fit your needs.

Everyone is different and sometimes change happens quickly, sometimes slowly.  Renee will encourage you to use all the tools provided so that you can achieve lasting change as quickly as is possible Hypnotherapy can help with anxiety, as we work with the ‘unconscious’ mind to change the anxious feelings in those specific situations that make you feel anxious. These can then be replaced with feelings of confidence and control. Hypnotherapy for anxiety can also help you to begin thinking more rationally and positively on a day to day basis, these thoughts send signals to the body of calm and control, so you feel more relaxed throughout your day.

Through hypnotherapy you can discover your own inner resources. Hypnosis (implanting powerful suggestions of confidence and building self-esteem to help you cope better with your day to day life)  is a self help tool that you can use to help yourself get better and better at dealing with stress every day.  Renee will help you to set S.M.A.R.T. goals where appropriate in addition to using hypnosis, breathing exercises EFT, NLP and other stress busting techniques. Usually you can expect to begin to take control of your stress in the first few sessions however, you are unique and everyone’s stress response/anxiety is different,  so Renee works to find the best solution to helping you to deal with your anxiety. Her goal is to help you as quickly as possible to manage on your own in as few sessions as is safe and possible. Renee will be guided by you and how you feel so it is hard to tell how many sessions you will require. Your feedback to Renee at the beginning of every session is important so that together improvement can be monitored and measured and therapy can be flexible to fit your needs.

N.B. During an initial consultation Renee may choose to ask the client to seek clinical medical advice from their primary care provider before commencing using hypnosis and with the client’s consent write to the G.P. before beginning therapy.

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