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Hypnotherapy for medical and clinical procedures

Hypnotherapy for ​medical and clinical support West Lothian

Many of us have benefited from the skills and dedication of surgeons, doctors and nurses and have had life-enhancing and sometimes lifesaving treatment or surgeries.  Many more have medications which help to alleviate symptoms of ongoing chronic illness.

While we are undeniably grateful for all that can and is done in these medical/clinical fields we sometimes need more than the physical/ pharmaceutical help that is provided.

There are times when the cure, recovery or life after intervention is challenging.

Hypnotherapy can, and does, help us to cope with many conditions and situations.

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Hypnotherapy for Chronic (long term) Pain

Hypnosis for pain management

Pain that is a residue of surgery, an accident or a long-term condition can be managed using hypnosis.

Hypnosis for Short Term Pain

Childbirth, dental work, recovery from surgery and sports injuries can all be handled, minimised using hypnosis, sometimes by teaching you a technique known as Hand/Glove anaesthesia.

Hypnotherapy for Immune System Boost

This can be used to boost your immune system to respond better and faster to infections.

Hypnosis for High Blood Pressure

It is usual for someone in a hypnotic trance state to have a drop-in blood pressure; however, trancework can be used to consistently lower blood pressure. (Renee would write to your care provider before beginning therapy for high blood pressure).

Hypnotherapy for Cardiac Health & Confidence

​​Often following cardiac event clients feels unsure of doing too much and putting a strain on their cardio-vascular system.  Hypnotherapy helps to resume a confidence in daily living and capabilities.

Hypnosis for Migraines


Migraines and cluster headaches can be debilitating and using self hypnosis and techniques taught by Renee you can alleviate this at the onset stage.

Hypnotherapy for Chemotherapy and other Intrusive Medical Procedures

Hypnotherapy assists in being able to cope with side effects of chemotherapy and the body’s acceptance of the drugs; in addition, hypnosis helps with discomfort and unease before, during and after many procedures, both in terms of body and mind responses.

Hypnosis for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

While IBS is a stress response disorder Renee has included it under Clinical/ Medical due to the severity of symptoms that those with IBS must endure. IBS is known to be most responsive to hypnosis and is the go-to intervention of choice by many European doctors and surgeons.  Renee can teach you self-hypnosis and other tools to use to gain control of your IBS.

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