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Giving up smoking | STOP Smoking

Hypnotherapy can help you give up smoking...for good


Smoking Facts
FACT – I am not asking you to do anything I have not done, I stopped smoking in 2008 aged 53.

  • There are around 7.5 million smokers in the UK (2018)
  • Smoking rates are decreasing every year, as more and more smokers STOP SMOKING.
  • Smoking rates are much higher among the lower paid even though the average smoker person spends £3,500 on cigarettes every year (20 a day) - that’s about 50p per cigarette.
  • Over 15 types of cancer are caused by smoking.
  • 115,000 people died of smoking related illness in 2015 in the UK.
  • The UK government earns around £8.8 billion a year (2018) from smoking revenues .
  • The Scottish Government plans to reduce the 941,000 smokers (2016) to 224,000 by 2034.

Do you want to give up smoking?
So, are you or someone you know one of the 717,000 who will quit smoking in the next 15 years?
Tobacco contains over 400 chemical compounds including benzene, arsenic and cyanide. We can help you give up smoking with hypnotherapy.

Smoking is a habit you can break
Hypnotherapy is around three times more effective than Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Around 66% of smokers using hypnotherapy quit smoking and that’s around 60% more than those who try to stop smoking on their own 6%, or behavioural therapy 25% or nicotine replacement 25% then those  hypnotherapy figures speak for themselves.

Tobacco is a category A drug like Heroin and Cocaine, however unlike those other drugs smoking becomes a habit as much as an addiction. Most smokers unlike other drug users do not require to get up and have a fix every 3 or 4 hours. Most smokers can sleep for 6 to 8 hours without the need for a cigarette.  You can break the habit.

When you are breaking the habit if you have the feeling at all, the feeling that you want to smoke only lasts for 2 or 3 minutes at a time.

It's never to late to give up smoking
It is NEVER too late to stop. Even in between cigarettes, your body starts to repair itself and heals itself because your body knows it is better without the drugs.

Smoking increases the risks for illness and disease such as, emphysema, bronchitis, infections, cardio-vascular incidences, high blood pressure, COPD, loss or libido, erectile dysfunction, stroke and deep vein thrombosis and cancers of the lung, breast, brain, liver, mouth, throat etc.

Some smokers fear that stopping smoking means you will put on weight and it is something that can happen if you substitute with food to cope with the stress . Hypnotherapy will assist you with the stress and not using food as a substitute.

  • Food tastes better, you taste better. Your body, clothes and home all smell better.
  • Your smoke will affect the health of others via passive smoking.
  • Others may judge you harshly for being a smoker and you may feel excluded or a second class member of society. 


Smoking Tasks

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy depends on many factors. e.g. Your own motivation and goals and your own commitment.

Here are some tasks to assist you in remaining a non-smoker.

Listen to the recording provided EVERY DAY. 

Choose ways to relax that work for you and use them if you feel any desire to smoke.  Such as, a walk, standing in the fresh air, moving to a different room, having a glass of water, taking a deep slow breath in and out,  taking a shower, having a bath, reading a poem or a book, listening to the recording, listening to music, choose what you know works for you.

Breathe slowly in and hold your breath for a  few seconds and then breathe out even slower. Do this 3 times.
Just before you fall asleep repeat out loud to yourself 10 times, use your fingers to count repetitions, “Every day in every way I am getting better and better.”

Eat your food slowly, taste each mouthful, put your fork and knife or spoon down in between mouthfuls, do dot watch TV surf the net or read while eating, focus on the food and eat only what your body needs.

Wash all your clothes and smell how good they are without the smell of smoke.

Break habits, eat breakfast in a different room, have something else with a coffee or tea, leave the table of room when you stop eating, changing the habits BREAKS the habit.

Health-Wise three-part process to STOP SMOKING

Session One. We take a closer look at the effects of smoking and what is in a cigarette, we look at Your Smoking Habits, your reasons for preparing to STOP SMOKING NOW, your GOALS for the future, YOUR REASONS FOR STOPPING SMOKING NOW, and YOUR Commitment. We set a date for YOU TO STOP SMOKING.

Session Two.  The date CHOSEN BY YOU TO STOP SMOKING, we meet and commit and do trance work and record the hypnosis part of the session for you to take home with you.

Session Three. We meet up two weeks later to report and evaluate all the changes in your life and confirm YOUR LIFE IS BETTER WITHOUT SMOKING.

So if you are ready to give up smoking for good give me a call today.

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