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Hypnotherapy for fertility and loss of expectation

Hypnosis for fertility and loss of expectation in West Lothian

Hypnosis for fertility and loss of expectation

Nothing strikes home harder to the heart and soul of a woman or a couple desperately wanting a child more than primary body functions working with reduced ability.

When the goal is illusive despite knowledge of infertility, the causes, the medical tests and factors which may affect fertility then clients may seek further help in additional wellness fields which may assist in increasing possibilities of success.

The mind and body are linked so closely that each affects the whole person positively or negatively.

Infertility is defined as “The diminished ability to conceive and have offspring” and it has also been determined in terms of failure to conceive after one year of regular sexual intercourse without contraception. There are real affects felt by individual’s dependent upon their individual values, beliefs, resources, circumstances and social circles.

Infertility can affect the self worth, self confidence, cultural backgrounds, religious views etc. all come together to make a difference to how a person feels about themselves and their partner in terms of fertility.

At Health-Wise we aim to support you and walk beside you in your journey by:

  • Reducing stress and improving calmness and relaxation
  • Restoring physical and mental well-being and balance which may include changes to diet and exercise and some lifestyle changes surrounding smoking, alcohol, street drugs etc
  • Helping you to meet your emotional needs
  • Resolving issues that may be hindering conception either consciously or sub-consciously
  • Working with: fears surrounding labour and birth
  • Coping with the transition to parenthood
  • Concerns about changes to your relationship
  • Dealing with old unresolved trauma
  • Miscarriage, still birth or previous birth trauma
  • Unresolved issues regarding a previous termination of pregnancy
  • Body/sexual issues affecting self-worth
  • Building upon your intimate relationship
  • Improving sexual enjoyment and intimacy
  • Preparing for fertility treatment and staying with you in that journey
  • For a very small percentage of couples our work includes transition to acceptance of not becoming biological parents and the way forward

In addition to the above, hypnosis provides a trance state in which there is an inner focus to effect change. In a pleasant hypnotic trance the parasympathetic nervous system is activated and triggers relaxation enabling the body to shift into a deep stage of physical relaxation, in which both the body and the mind move into a calm balanced state.

We use hypnosis to induce this state and assist you to enter a creative awareness where we provide suggestions that are helpful in overcoming change.

Do please contact Renee for an initial appointment and continue your own fertility journey with support.


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