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Weight control for bad eating habits

Hypnosis for eating habits and weight management in West Lothian

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis for a balanced life

​Eating – it's growing problem

I am really pleased that you are reading this, and that you are ready to tackle your eating challenge, because, I am ready to help you!

Perhaps you are feeling hopeless? Perhaps you are thinking that you have tried everything and that you should settle for staying as you are, even though you are not contented?

You are not alone; weight and eating disorders are a common issue that has become a global concern. In fact, eating has seen the growth of countless diet companies offering slimming clubs and medications rolled out as a solution to an ever growing big problem.

You are not alone, many more people are now benefiting from using hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help them change their eating habits and become contented. So whether it’s weight you want to lose, or you need to address your eating habits to put weight on, I can help you.

Hypnotherapy for weight control offers a different approach. A safe and gentle intervention with no adverse side effects.

Or, you could use hypnosis along with other proven weight management methods to improve the experience of changing you.

Hypnotherapy helps you to develop a healthy, non-punishing relationship with food, making eating an enjoyable part of a healthy lifestyle.


Here are some points for your consideration:

  • It takes time to be at the right weight and make changes.
  • You CAN feel better and think more positively about yourself from the moment you walk in my door and begin the change.
  • I help clients to enjoy the taste, colour, texture, flavour and aromas of the foods they eating turning eating into a pleasure.
  • YOU can learn to eat appropriately and feel more satisfied.
  • YOU can begin to boost your self-esteem and confidence from day one and feel more in control, comfortable and capable.
  • I will help you to assess your lifestyle looking at food choices, support, activity levels etc.
  • I will also help you review your overall lifestyle so that areas of focus can be identified where additional support may be required to help you change such as: work, relationships, family, sleep, health, chronic pain, anxieties and stress, trauma and grief as examples.
  • I will help you to set SMART goals to help you achieve your personal targets.

So, let’s get going shall we?
Let us change:

  1. Hope into belief
  2. Change your mind to change your body.
  3. Enjoy mindful eating
  4. Boost your ego and confidence

Changing the way you look at something - changes the way you feel and changing the way you feel enables you to CHOOSE CHANGE and BECOME CONTENTED.

Call me today by using the number below or completing the contact form. The first step to a new you, is one action away...

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