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Hypnotherapy for confidence and performance in West Lothian

Hypnotherapy for Confidence and Performance in West Lothian, Scotland

No matter how we attempt to hold onto positive thoughts, there are times when we need a little support to help us relax and simply watch negative ideas or thoughts drift out of our minds just as readily as they entered our minds.

​So, whether it is a general need to boost your self-confidence and ego (a little bit of ego is a good thing! Balance is everything) or whether you need more defined help, Renee is always prepared to work in partnership with you.

Areas in life in which people can do with a boost and a calming influence include:

  • Performance at work
  • Job interviews
  • Taking exams
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Smashing procrastination
  • Removing self-imposed barriers to achievement… I can’t… I am not good enough… I will never be… I have to stop chasing dreams… I should know better than to… etc
  • Fear of success - yes fear of success is real for many people. Sometime folks are afraid of what success will bring with it perhaps how others will treat or what may change as a result of being successful
  • Fear of failure - which usually is fear of what others will do or say if we fail
  • Sometimes it is worries about the fear of being imperfect, a great athlete may be worried about not staying in a top league
  • It could also be nervousness about speaking in public or sales presentations
  • Today because many adults have more than one significant long-term relationship there can be apprehension surrounding whether this new relationship will last or worries about current or future sexual performance.
  • Many people carry guilt, shame and embarrassment around with them in life, perhaps about having an imperfect body, what they have or have not done.
  • Following separation/divorce/bereavement many feel insecurity and / or mistrust and old feelings can get in the way of moving forwards in life.

Whatever it is that is causing a loss of confidence or affecting best performance or abilities, Renee is there to give you support.

Choose Change. Be Calm, Confident and in Control.  Become Contented.


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