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Clinical Advanced Hypnotherapy


​You have the Dream and I have the Magic

Welcome to my Hypnotherapy page where you will find out more about Clinical Hypnotherapy, the range of conditions I work with and how to book etc. I am a hypnotherapist based in West Lothian and I work both face to face and with Zoom so distance is no barrier to receiving therapy. 

I work with clients who have a wide range of needs. I also have extra skills and training working in the areas of fertility, labour & birth, eating issues including weight loss and psycho-sexual dysfunction.

Some common reasons that clients will book a session with a hypnotherapist include the following:

  • sleep issues,
  • pain management for conditions such as osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, 
  • stopping smoking,
  • reduction of high blood pressure,
  • improvement in the immune system,
  • tolerance of chemotherapy medication,
  • anxiety after a heart attack,
  • relaxation and trust for dental work and minor surgery,
  • to promote recovery from major surgery 
  • control of the body through controlling eating and including improving blood sugar levels,
  • gaining remission in type 2 diabetes,
  • reducing effects of IBS and Crohns disease. 

As you can see the list is lengthy and hypnotherapy has come a long way since the research in the 1950s when it was officially approved by the British Medical Association. 

During the initial consultation, I will discuss with you your general medical health, and what you are seeking as your goals.

I will gather personal information on your lifestyle and explain to you what is involved in hypnotherapy sessions.  I will also discuss with you the likely number of sessions for your own particular circumstances - apart from Stopping Smoking which is usually 2 sessions.  

Depending upon why you are seeking therapy there may be 'homework' tasks in between sessions.

Within the sessions there are recordings of the actual hypnosis session so that you can benefit from listening to them again in your own time.

Sessions may be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly depending upon individual circumstances and your choice.

How long is a session?

A session normally lasts between 1- 2 hours depending upon the work being done. Fees charged do not vary for the length of an individual session. 

Hypnotherapy Fees

Payments are accepted by debit/credit/visa/mastercard and also by cash payment for face to face consultations.

There is a non refundable booking fee of £30 to secure every session with the balance due at the end of every session.

A session is £65 except for stopping smoking which is £275.

Stopping Smoking is a 2 session course with a 3rd session within 3 months of first booking which is rarely required.

Rescue Me weight reduction sessions are usually booked in blocks of 3 and a discount is applied so that 3 sessions total £165.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety attacks - client testimonial

"Last year I was giving up hope, so depressed, suffering major anxiety attacks, feeling the lowest I have ever been, nothing was working and my last attempt at claiming my life back was messaging Mind and body, Renee looked friendly from the pictures what did I have to loose, I arrived at the blue door absolutely terrified about to turn around , and their Renee was a friendly welcome a much needed smiley face and a ear that listened, we came up with a plan and I stuck with it a year later, I am less anxious, less depressed and the best I have felt in a long time. I honestly don’t think I would be here today and I have Renee to thank for it, I have not only reclaimed my life but have met a friend for life in Renee. I cant thank her enough.

My son was suffering dealing being a military child with a father that is constantly away, and bully’s at his school he was upset and struggling to deal with things, the slightest thing was getting to him, I turned to Renee yet again, after only a couple of sessions my son was sleeping much better, more relaxed, less upset and stressed, he calls Renee the magic word lady and I have noticed a huge improvement in him and the school are over the moon with his progress. Again the amazing Renee strikes again." Samantha Read more testimonials

​Psychosexual Therapy

Sexual Stress logo - Health-Wise Services - Hypnotherapy for Sexual Stress

We can assist you in overcoming many of the sexual difficulties that are becoming more prevalent these days. Renee is listed in  

It is a fact that sexual difficulties increase stress, and stress contributes to sexual difficulties, so the cycle goes on and on...

​It is truly a vicious circle that can cause needless upset, hurt and misunderstandings.

​But you don't have to put up with it because, in most cases, the situation can be greatly improved, sometimes beyond all recognition. Very often the three cousins - guilt, shame and embarrassment, cause an increase in stress and can make it difficult to seek a therapist.

Allow me to assure you that everything you share with me is confidential and that whether your difficulty is listed or not I will provide confidential, non-judgmental listening and support for:

 Erectile Dysfunction
 Premature Ejaculation
 Sexual Aversion Disorder
 Dyspareunia (pain on intercourse) 
 Secondary Sexual Dysfunction
 Hypoactive Desire Disorder (frigidity) 
 Incompatibility issues
 Sexual ignorance

And other problems including inhibition and sexual unhappiness. If you cannot find the answers you are seeking then contact us. We will arrange to meet with you and carry out a consultation and assessment in the strictest confidence. 

Once we have had the opportunity to meet with you, you can then take some time to decide whether to arrange future sessions. We will never pressure you to make a follow up appointment for psychosexual therapy, the control and choice always remains with you.

Psychosexual Therapy Testimonial

"I found Renee after searching tirelessly through all of the hypnotherapists and psychological therapists in the Lothian/s. What really attracted me to her was that she was the only therapist listed in Scotland qualified through the Essex Institute and listed on as a Psychosexual Therapist.

At the first appointment it was brilliant, quite demanding but not in an awkward way, Renee made me feel very comfortable, not intimidated at all.  It was a huge relief to be able to discuss freely what my life WAS like.  She listened, she questioned, she even challenged me but it was fantastic and she helped me to realise that I did not have a sexual disorder but just an alternative lifestyle that I wanted to explore more than I had ever done before.

​I continued to visit Renee and each time I left feeling massively better than the previous time. Friends and family can see the new confidence in me and I am so looking forward to a new life and it’s all thanks to Renee." - Paul. M Read more testimonials

Weight Control

The subject of weight control is conflicting and disheartening for many people who have spent long periods of time struggling to lose weight and maintain their health.  For decades the media informed us that it was all about calories in and calories out, a simple equation for weight loss.

It is not that simple. 

Photo of a tape measure and an apple on weighing scales. Health-Wise Services - Hypnotherapy for Weight Control

Genetic Inheritance
There are many factors which contribute to obesity which include:

  • both physical characteristics and early nurturing
  • mobility and physical activity levels
  • type 2 diabetes and insulin levels
  • gender - with changes in hormone levels particularly in the female body
  • history of a person’s relationship with other people and with food
  • availability of convenience foods and many social factors


Hypnotherapy for weight management really does need to be tailor made to an individual clients requirements. It also takes real commitment from the client to stay in therapy, following advice for some time to “see” the goals being achieved.

All that said, I am willing and able to assist clients with their weight loss including supporting psychologically on confidence, image, stress and anxiety. 

Whether to fall into the category of the following list of types of eaters, or not, consider arranging an initial appointment to discuss possible therapy geared to your own individual needs.

Comfort eater, Reward eater, Loss of Love eater, TV dinners, Vegetarians, Private eater, Boredom Binger, Overeater, Type 2 Diabetic - whatever it is, get in touch!

The sessions range from one or two to deal with portion size or can run for a full 12 months for complex eating/emotional symptoms.  

As with other reasons that clients attend therapy sessions, I can offer discounts for long term therapy. 

Hypnotherapy Qualifications

Renee McBride, Health-Wise, Broxburn, West Lothian

Renee is a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)
CNHC's register is approved as an Accredited Register by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care. This provides additional assurance that CNHC registrants meet the standards of patient safety and service quality. The General Medical Council guidance to doctors confirms that they are able to refer patients to practitioners on Accredited Registers. Also, the Department of Health has recommended that where people are looking for complementary healthcare therapists they use someone who is CNHC registered.

The therapy may include me connecting with you in between sessions for support and/or feedback and being available if you require immediate support in between sessions.

The process requires your own permission for you to access your inner mind and your resources and it is my role to facilitate and encourage your own ability to enter a hypnotic trance in a safe and supported way.

Hypnotherapy sometimes includes the learning of new skills either with your hypnotherapist or using other teachers in other areas such as yoga, improving physical fitness, learning to cook, driving lessons etc,. to help you achieve your aim.

Measuring your success and achievements during the hypnotherapy treatment period
​The hypnotherapist may discuss the setting of goals and how to achieve them. These are called SMART GOALS – small, measurable, achievable, realistic and testable so you can see your progress.

What does hypnosis feel like?
Trance is similar to being engrossed in reading a book or watching a film where you immerse yourself in it to the point where your emotions react to the story line. Or perhaps you still day-dream or did as a child? Hypnosis is also similar to day dreaming. It is a way of filtering out the things happening around you the same as day dreaming or reading/watching a film,so that your concentration is only on yourself and your own world. Trance is a natural state that you enter into when you are relaxed and when the conscious mind is switched off. Often people will say words like “I switched off and chilled out “. 

You control the trance state - I do not make you go into trance. You agree to go into trance and allow yourself to go inwards therefore you can also stay in control and come out of trance if you wish to. If someone drives a car whilst on “auto pilot” they still respond to road signs and possible dangers while in a driving trance, i.e. they remain in control while switched off. 

Sometimes you will remain aware of all the words I say and sometimes your conscious mind only remembers some or none of the words. However, your own subconscious mind always hears the words I say and you choose what to do with them or not…the choice is always yours. 

Is hypnotherapy safe?
Hypnotic trance is a safe way to access your knowledge and skills and use them to achieve your goals. It is a non-invasive way of making changes you want and you can be taught how to do this for yourself, i.e. self-hypnosis, so you can continue to make your desired changes. 

It can sometimes feels different, so not every trance you go into feels the same. If you can think of yourself as a computer then trance can de-frag your hard-drive and upgrade to the latest versions of programs running in you. Hypnosis is similar to relaxation and a way you can switch off your thinking brain. Hypnosis is not the same thing as sleep. 

Hypnosis is like a key to opening the door of a locked room into your subconscious mind. Where you find inner resources in the room and bring them back out of your “mind room” - allowing you to use those resources both consciously and subconsciously for the betterment of your own life.

How to book a hypnotherapy consultation?

​Health-Wise offers appointments from morning through to evening.  We will endeavour to see you as soon as possible for your first appointment.

We mostly carry out our appointments in the Clinic Room in Broxburn, West Lothian or by Zoom for those clients who live a fair distance from us or who are immune system compromised or currently unable to travel.

(Clients currently receiving chemotherapy, on immune suppressant medications or recent post surgery may prefer Zoom consultations.)

You can reach Renee via:
​Email:  [email protected]
Telephone:   07970 064 742
Contact form: please complete the form here

If I don't answer my phone, it is possible that I am in a session with a client. Please leave a message and I will promptly return your call.