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Hypnosis for Losing Weight and Potentially reducing or removing the need for prescribed medication in Type 2 Diabetes.

I am wise and I am changing myself.

Hypnosis for Losing Weight and Potentially reducing or removing the need for prescribed medication in Type 2 Diabetes.

Fri 08 May 2020 - 10:53

The AIM of the use of hypnosis for weight loss is to make you feel confident about your body, change negative thoughts around eating and help you to lose weight in a responsible way.

So, what would I do with you if your came to me for hypnosis? Well, of course during Lockdown because of Covid-19 you can’t physically come to me, however you can mentally and electronically!  I am hosting individual and group ZOOM sessions so it really is Business as Usual.  Actually it is Global because now it matters not a jot whether you are in Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow or Inverness you can be with me in a few seconds!

  1. I would guide you into a deep relaxed state of mind and body.
  2. That enables me to access and make suggestions to your unconscious mind, which is always open to listening.
  3. I then insert into that database in your mind carefully chosen words of your potential, visions of the body you want to have, letting you image how you will feel in  the body you have and what that will enable you to do.  Also how much you will enjoy every mouthful of food and that you will be more satisfied with less food.
  4. Sometimes I will use your least liked foods whether that is tripe and onions, makes me choke even to think about them, that’s the power of the mind, slimy warm custard and cold peaches in slimy syrup is one other pet hate of mine, so if I was to suggest to myself when I was in a trace relaxed state that chips, Chelsea buns, and pasta smelled, tasted and felt like tripe in my mouth I would be far less likely to eat pasta, if at all!  Sometimes I do use aversion suggestions and body they work, as many of my clients would testify !  One client even went from eating 100 chunky Kit-Kats to zero immediately following a suggestion containing celery and cucumber. That client got his diabetes into remission, never wanted any chocolate from that one session onwards and lost a fair amount of weight.  So, I will do what is right for each individual client.
  5. Not every client has such dramatic results from one session and every client is individual, however, where more than one session is required I do offer block discount rates. 

My aim overall is help as many people as possible to improve their physical and mental wellbeing and empower individuals to take back control of their body and mind connection and get more out of life.

Don’t be a stranger come into my ZOOM ROOM and begin your own journey into being the very best version of you.