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Food for thought...


Food for thought...

Tue 28 May 2019 - 18:45

Here in the heart of West Lothian, close to the town of Livingston and nestled in the middle of Linlithgow, Dechmont, Broxburn, Uphall, and the The Calders lives a wise and gentle soul, a bit wacky, a bit unusual, certainly a dedicated Crone who serves the community as best she can providing a warm welcome, hypnosis, and support to those both living here and passing through.

The world had achieved great changes in the past few decades. Huge strides forward from men landing on the moon, the probe landing on a comet, the first heart transplant to robotics in medicine. Many homes in the UK have fridges, freezers, automatic washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers, hoovers, the list goes on, steamers, slow cookers, George Foreman Grills, the list goes on, we mostly have cars, better health care and wardrobes full of clothes and stacks of shoes oh and not forgetting computers in nearly every home, mobile phones or to be more correct devices! And the internet.

Are we as a people happier than we were 50 years ago?  Are we as a people CONTENT with life? With what we have?

I reckon those questions are subjective depending on our own individual perspectives would you agree?

I remember 12 years ago deciding to step sideways away from the ownership of a big house, a bidet, a breakfast room, a utility room, a dining room, a living room, 4 bedrooms, a cabin in the garden and a garage, a fully fitted kitchen etc. I down sized as soon as the 3 step kids went their own way and the two of us were left wandering through a massive house on our own. 

The sad part is that while my values were not attached to the big house the persona of success and my partners were attached so when I downsized the house and the lifestyle I also downsized the relationship although it did take 7 years to reduce to 0%.  Sad at the time however life changes daily whether we choose change or not.


I changed my livelihood as well going from a stressed property exec to a happier therapist. 

It isn’t the house etc. that matters in this equation, it is the fact that I was not feeding my mind, not looking after the real me inside the timeless me outside the 21st century person.  I was striving, for what? I don’t know!  But achieving wealth and status didn’t feed my minds needs.

Travelling the world on holiday didn’t quell the restlessness inside.

Expensive clothes and paintings and gardeners, cleaners and decorators did nothing for my REAL SELF buried deep inside.

Becoming financially stable, wealthy, lost me not one marriage but two.  

Bad choices?  Perhaps.

This is what I am today...

Healthy in body? Perhaps…as far as I know I am.

Wealthy? Beyond measure…I have friends, real close ones and some becoming closer, I have a home, a garden, a dog, 2 cats and 8 fish tanks,  my knowledge and experiences, a love a people, a desire to help others, a partner who gently pushes me to be independent and able for life, a feeling of safety and contentment within that relationship, a relationship also with nature, the real world, which delights me and soothes me whether it is walking on autumn leaves, crossing the fields, looking at hills and trees or working in the garden. 

My mind is at peace with itself.  I no longer need to compete with myself. I no longer need to prove to myself or others anything.

I can simply live and enjoy living each day because I have honoured myself and appreciate what I am and who I am, I see myself and my failings but no longer berate myself for being human.  I have a relationship with the universe that goes far beyond the physical realms into the realms of Cosmic Consciousness.  I feel connected to all living things past, present and future.

I have discovered that for me life is about how I respond to it rather than what it presents to me. I can choose my desires, I can then control my desires and strengthen my own mind, my own being, to enable me to live within the tumultuous world around me with a Calm, Comfortable Contentment.  My journey from where I was to where I am began the day I first tasted Reiki ( I tasted it, I smelled it, I was touched by it) and today is where I am as I complete my Dip CAH in hypnotherapy.  Today matters most because that is where my feelings are, right now as I type this for those who will read it to this word. 

My desire is to be used as a catalyst by others to support them in their own journey as a partner in their seeking their own Inner Peace.  The list at the top? I have some of them and live happily without some of them, they no longer matter, what really matters is being alive.

A footnote from my partner.  We don’t buy contentment we achieve it.

A footnote to my partner.  We trust and respect each other, nothing else matters, if that is love then I love you.
If you are looking for more contentment in your life, more courage, more calm, more acceptance, more relaxation, more confidence, more control over your thoughts, feelings and actions, MORE OUT OF BEING ALIVE, contact me, together with honesty, unconditional positive regard for the client/therapist relationship, together with Hope, Belief and Commitment, I know, you know, do you not ? That Change can happen, CHOOSE CHANGE AND BECOME CONTENTED.