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Avoiding burn out- become selfish to be selfless

Ocean and sailing boats - relax to avoid stress and burn out

Avoiding burn out- become selfish to be selfless

Thu 03 Oct 2019 - 12:12

What burn out is and how to avoid throwing yourself off the cliff edge.

Definition: A state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress.
Often in my work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist clients will present themselves in a state of burn out or heading towards it, at the speed of an express train.

“I have tried everything else and coming to see you is my last hope” No pressure to perform eh?

Often the human in front of me has been running on empty for many months, if not years, and in some last ditch attempt tries hypnotherapy.

Sometimes undue stress is caused  by overwork or long hours other times a traumatic event or toxic lifestyle / relationship has happened or is still happening and that added to other pressures just tips the scales the wrong way. Perhaps this person had has no facility to debrief from an event or situation before more of the same is heaped upon them until their knees give way and they buckle under the weight.

To be specific I find my Clinic room filled with NHS staff at all levels, police, accountancy staff, business managers and owners, even some NHS surgeons are working on zero hour contracts of employment, whilst doing stalwart work with patients and gruelling waiting lists. School teachers are also prone to long term stress, in fact, today stress is increasing and social media and news broadcasting to folks that it is going to get worse really do not help!

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Warning Signs… LOOK OUT FOR

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Overeating or loss of appetite
  • Drinking more alcohol than before
  • Weight gain and weight loss
  • Addiction to a whole host of drugs, street and prescribed
  • Outbursts of anger
  • Uncharacteristic negative attitudes towards colleagues, bosses and family members
  • Feeling isolated
  • It is usual to use words like “I must….”
  • “I have to….”  “I should….”  Rather than “I would like to be able to….”
  • Withdrawal from social activities and doubting their own abilities
  • Stopping hobbies/ sports
  • Loss of libido

None of the above are where you want to find yourself or a family member in.

Emotional Intelligence Development Specialist -  clinical hypnotherapy Edinburgh


A clinical hypnotherapist can often provide guidance, suggestions, counselling, hypnosis and uses other tools like EFT and NLP, and talking through the whole situation.

Reviewing choices with support and setting SMART GOALS may be the way forwards and using self hypnosis to reduce stress and induce relaxed state of being might be a good place to begin.

Using hypnosis to stop bingeing, stop procrastinating and feeling like getting back into exercising and scheduling TIME OUT in your diary just for you.

Being supported to build self esteem and confidence.

So “what qualifies me to help others” 

Well, not only am I suitably qualified, insured and experienced as a complementary therapist and hypnotherapist, I also have had personal experience of being burned out.

Not a pretty state to find myself in around 12 years ago when I was that stressed executive and career woman. I have pulled back from the abyss and understand some of the thoughts, behaviours and feeling others may have.

I too, at times, have neglected having that holiday away and have caught myself  heading to that cliff again…only now I recognise the symptoms and know how essential it is to RELAX, take exercise, switch off and self-indulge, so that I can be available to continue helping others.

That is why I am here waiting on you and the people you care about to contact me and I invite you to BECOME SELFISH so that like me you can be SELFLESS to others, because you are running on a full battery. 
Give me a call or send me an email…Choose Change and Become Calm, Contented and in Control.

Take holidays to relax and avoid burn out